1. Do you really get free money?
  2. Are we going to get lots of spam then?
  3. So it is completely free?
  4. Are all sites legit?
  5. How can I do paid offers without using my credit card?

Q. Do you really get free money?
Yes, you really do get free money from GPT sites! Not too long ago, internet marketers were able to send you mass amounts of spam to your email inbox and even call you all day marketing their product. Today, there are many protections against this, including the CAN-SPAM act. In order to spam us, they have to get our permission along with leaving an option to opt-out or unsubscribe method. Basically, they are paying us to subscribe to mailing lists and newsletters.

Q: Are we going to get lots of spam then?
You will get newsletters and maybe signed up to some mailing lists. If you would not like to receive these to your personal inbox, you can create a new email address by using a free mail service, such as Hotmail or Yahoo.

Q: So it is completely free?
Yes! Any site that makes you pay to join is 99% most likely a scam. Each offers you complete, the site owner keeps a little for themselves (no matter what site you join). Why wouldn’t they want as many members as possible? As soon as you pay them to join the site, they are going to take your money and run.

Q. Are all sites legit?
Of course not. Especially at times like this with a lot of fraud going around and sites closing down. Some are closing overnight and running off with all the money you had for your account balance! Top GPT Sites was created to help you find which sites have the highest reward for completing offers and which sites will actually pay!

Q. How can I do paid offers without using my credit card.
This is a pretty popular question I have been receiving. After all, paid surveys pay out a lot more then freebies do. As an alternative, you can buy a “prepaid card”, they may also be known as “gift cards”.

Basically, what a prepaid will do is give you a limited amount of money on a card, which acts just like a credit card. Once the card is out of money, you can go buy another one. This way, you will not have to worry about strange charges on your statement for your credit card from a paid offer you completed, although that is unlikely.
With the recent fraud, I recommend you check the Terms of Service of the GPT site you are a part of to see if they allow prepaid cards.