Use Roboform to auto-fill offers

Today’s tip will explain the powers of Roboform (direct download). This tool has many different uses, but for GPT sites we will be using the “auto-fill” feature Roboform has. The only thing you need before you begin reading this tip is obviously Roboform. You can download this program directly by just clicking here or you can read a bit more about Roboform here.

Once you have installed Roboform you are ready to begin learning how to auto-fill your offers you complete.

Step 1. Create an Identity

Once you have installed Roboform and you have the toolbar on Internet Explorer or Firefox, you are ready to create an identity. To start, click the Roboform button your toolbar to bring down a drop-down menu. From there, highlight “Identities” to bring up a side menu where you will select “New”.

Password-protecting your identity is unnecessary unless you are using a public computer. Creating the rest of your identity is pretty self-explanatory. You do not have to fill out every field they give you. For example, I didn’t fill out my social security number or credit card number (none of the information you input is submitted to Roboform). I would rather type my credit card information in manually due to paranoia (yes, we all have it).

Step 2. Find an offer!

Now all you have to do is find an offer to complete. When an offer asks you for your name, phone number, address, etc. you can just click your name (or whatever you named the identity) and will automatically fill this all in for you!

NOTE: I can only supply one screenshot for an example since most sites I am a part of do not allow me to supply walkthrough guides to my readers to completing offers.

Now let’s say you come to a page where you have to checkmark “Does not apply” or “No thanks” (like those WinningSurey and BigBuck Surveys) and you don’t want to checkmark all those boxes. This is where Roboform comes in!

After completing the pages filled with “No thanks” and “Does not apply” checkboxes (unless it does apply of course), you can just hit the Roboform button on your toolbar and go to “Save Forms…”. You can then name it whatever you want. For example, if I am completing a BigBuck Survey, I would name it “BigBuck Survey Pg #1″. This way, next time I come across one of the hundreds of BigBuck Survey’s, I can just hit “BigBuck Survey Pg #1″ on my Roboform toolbar and everything will be check-marked and filled in.

Simple as that! Everything can automatically be done as long as you do it once and then “Save Form” with Roboform!

Have any problem? Leave a comment and I will try my best to help you.