Top GPT Sites (2020 Updated)

Top GPT Sites is a site determined to bring you the top GPT sites in the industry. We feel that if you are going to be completing offers online for money, you should at least be able to learn which GPT sites are the best.

We rank GPT sites accordingly by the number of offers they have, crediting rate, how often contests are thrown, payment methods, and much more different factors. We ensure you that the GPT sites listed on Top GPT Sites are the best in the industry.

It also provides you with the step by step guide on how to make money with GPT sites.

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Top GPT Sites:

1). Superpayme

This is one the most convenient way that you can quickly get extra money online. All you need to do is browse the internet just as you already do to find it. It is a really popular survey site that pays you in cash, instead of points like many survey sites out there which is why it is a favourite among the crowd.

By playing games, watching provided videos, shopping via online, searching news websites, as well as taking surveys, you will provide important information that the site needs and you will get rewarded for your time and effort.

A really good thing about it is that it gives you a $.2 bonus when you sign up even before doing any work so it is a highly recommended choice that you should make when you want to select one or two panels to be on and cash out.

They have a wide range of offers that cover almost everything that you can even think of, which means that you can get money from the first day with less effort. It does not matter which activities you choose to pick, such as browsing the web, online shopping, watching videos, filling surveys or even playing games and so on.

Generally, this top paid survey site is part of the go-to sites that have all-in-one cash out abilities that smart and efficient consumers usually choose if they want to take advantage of this opportunity to get quick money simply by continuing their normal activities right on their PC, phone or tablet.

2). Swagbucks

This is actually part of the well-known GPT sites, and they deserve the popularity because they provide traditional surveys plus different inclusional ways to make money. When you fill out surveys for cash, you will be rewarded with points that are called Swagbucks.

You can cash out these points through your PayPal account or redeem them as gift cards on shops like This well-designed website is really straightforward and pleasant to make use of and it lets you get money for your shopping by giving you some affiliate links.

In addition, this top survey site will provide you with $5 immediately you sign up. This site is legit and it remains quite popular because of the reliability and they offer new ways to get rewards, such as playing games or watching some videos.

Finishing polls and surveys to get paid can take about 10 minutes each which may make up the entire time you spend on the site. You may not qualify whenever you finish, and arriving at a final stage in this kind of top paid survey site application process then realizing you’re not qualified is quite galling.

Just by clicking on the link then shopping at sites like Walmart, Amazon, and Nike, you can earn points, because those companies are paying the site some money to show their links and you will get a part of the money.

3). Prizerebel

This is an awesome site that combines traditional surveys with different unique deals which can assist you in making money online. After you sign up by providing some details, then fill a brief survey on your profile, this site will link some basic demographics and you will be given 25 cents before you even begin.

US users usually have the best deals plus offers and the least earnings you need to possess a payout from the site is $20. This legit survey site pays each of their 6 million users in cash. They have a reasonable rate of surveys that are sent to you so in a day, you can get about two to three emails leading you to fill some questionnaires.

Apart from this, this top paid survey site has freely offered surveys which you can get on their well-made website every day. You can go through them and decide whether you are interested. Surveys on this site are usually outsourced to third parties however, so you are able to get more money for surveys when you use other websites.

Additionally, they are known for sending some of your information to other people. If you want to avoid annoying and endless spam, you may want to set up a different email address for this site or your survey sites in general.

Apart from filling the familiar surveys on this site, you are able to sign up to finish both free and paid offers, to get more Prizerebel money. In this case, other companies will pay users to sign up on their website, or even to try out their offered service like a financial credit check.

4). Rewardingways

This is regarded as part of the available GPT survey sites that have been running for quite a while. It is a great choice for getting some money by filling surveys. They are located in New York and the company provides both traditional surveys as well as evaluations and you do this by testing some products or even online services.

This legit survey site claims higher rates of rewards, but this involves a little bit of inflated pricing, for instance discounting fees that you may need to pay to join some subscription sites just before getting your final payout, won’t be added here.

This site is free to sign up on, and the surveys pay about $1 or $5 each. The product testing begins from $5 then goes up from there. There are different ways that you can boost your income on the site, such as rewards for opening adverts that are sent to your email or even small payments you get for watching video advertisements online.

This top paid survey site pays you in plain cash, and they don’t do rewards or even gift cards, which can be quite a relief especially amongst people that are familiar with survey filling.

The nice thing is that you have to get about $1 before you will be able to remove your cash from this site, which can be quite cool because there are companies with much higher thresholds.


5). Offernation

This is an exclusive legit GPT survey site that provides surveys as well as product testing just by invite. You can’t simply sign up on this site like others but this site is still good because if you can get accepted, it really pays out well because they have well-paid deals.

However, joining this top paid survey site isn’t as simple as just signing up and this is because you require an invite. It is not as hard as it sounds though, because there are lots of links going around online if you search hard enough, and they advertise on websites, which means you might be lucky to find a link.

As soon as you sign up, you will then be vetted to ascertain if you qualify and this is based on whatever demographics that their clients require at that point in time and if you do, your payment is sure.

This survey site pays well – about $3 per survey and about $6 when you test products. If you keep on with them, your pay can increase by some dollars, which takes the wage above the normal survey rate. The site is headed by the reliable market research company in New York called Nielson. This site provides different content plus email surveys to their members at a suitable time.

6). Instagc

This legit survey site called MySurvey stands out from the rest because of the versatility which is not something that a lot of the GPT sites out there possess.

This versatility is found not just in its reward system or their referral program both of which are necessary aspects respectively, but it is evident in their surveys as well. When you fill out boring surveys, it can seem like hard work, but it really isn’t when you consider it.

On this top paid survey site, you will notice a wide array of various topics. Depending on how long the surveys are, you can get about ten to five hundred points per survey as far as you qualify.

This well-made website possesses a lot of surveys, which means you will get the chance to fill out many of them, and these surveys will be matched not just your profile but your interests.

To encourage people to remain active, they have monthly sweepstakes that randomly pick ten people then give them about 1,000 points each which is ($100) when they regularly fill surveys.

7). Points2shop

This site primarily conducts polls for public bodies governments, as well as the business world. It is a well-known survey site and unlike some sites out there that need you to gather a significant amount of money before you can cash out, this site has a really low payout threshold.

You simply need to fill about five surveys, get some money before you can claim your payment, which means you can get your money faster.

It is a legit survey site that screens you whenever you sign up, then asks you some questions that determine which surveys are suitable to be sent to you.

In this top paid survey site, instead of your email, you can join making use of your social media account such as Facebook or LinkedIn. When you fill out surveys for cash with Opinion Outpost, you will first be given Opinion Points and ten points are worth $1.

Many surveys usually take between ten to thirty minutes to finish and they are worth about $1 to $5. The normal survey time is about fifteen minutes, and you can be entered for their quarterly prize draws, where you can claim about $10,000.

Some people feel that their surveys do not arrive often enough, and when you finish some surveys, you will be entered into prize draws instead of receiving cash immediately.

8). Ysense

This is not just a well-known GPT Survey site, it is free and it boasts of having about nine million users worldwide. It is really popular in the industry because it has been in operation for 17 years.

This legit survey site provides questionnaires you can fill in to give your opinions to leading companies. Toluna operates many internal games plus schemes, and they offer product testing to lucky users that can get free products.

Like different survey sites out there, this top paid survey site reward users with points that you can cash out to get vouchers for sites like Amazon and iTunes. You can also get money through PayPal. A different aspect of their payment plan is that they offer you the chance to cash out your points quite early if you want to gamble them for prizes.

You have to get about 60,000 points before vouchers of around $12 can be claimed which can be a downside for some people. If you want to settle for a prize, all you need to do is make use of 500 points. You can also try your luck by using a “giftie” which is a sort of scratch card game.

When you gamble some points, you will be able to find out if you won the gift or whether you lost your points so if you are averse to gambling, it can be hard. When you are offered product testing, you will only get the items sent to you if you qualify. It will be sent over several months, so you can just look at it as a bonus, instead of a regular day’s job.

9). Treasuretrooper

A popular survey panel, this site is now owned by an efficient market research company called ResearchNow. It is open to individuals in about twenty countries worldwide such as the UK, USA, and Australia. Valued Opinions makes use of various languages and they have about 3 million members that are busy filling their surveys and questionnaires.

You will be rewarded $1 and $5 for most of the surveys and they take about twenty minutes to finish. They can ask you about brands, marketing, and products as well as news events. They constantly invite you for surveys, but you may not always be qualified to fill them which can be a little tiresome.

Unlike some sites out there, this legit survey site does not give you the ability to get cash rewards, because at the moment, they are limited to retail vouchers or gift cards. The electronic vouchers can reach you within a day but their gift cards reach your post in 4 to 6 weeks.

Once  you have earned $10, you will be able to claim Amazon vouchers as well as Macy’s gift cards plus Visa promo codes, including many other reward choices depending on your location. Their Surveys are quite varied, but their gift card choices are not so varied so you should check if they have stores you like before you begin to work for points.

Some people have reported that there have been technical glitches on the site preventing users from receiving their earnings, but customers services are contactable and said to clear up most issues for workers.

10). Get-Paid

Known for their short and simple surveys, this is another top survey site that you can breeze out of and you will not need to dedicate so much time to. Because it is one of the first survey sites that was set up, it definitely has longevity. It was opened in the UK, but it is now open to US users as well as users that are further afield. They run polls for leading brands and the press as well.

Their content can be quite engaging than the kind you find out there so you can find that you will answer questions such as celebrities or even gossip. Many of their users praise their surveys because they are quick and fun. The topics are not boring like other websites, and when they keep the surveys brief, they are less likely to make you tired or frustrated.

On a daily basis, they add short and easy surveys so there is plenty to do. Unlike some survey sites, they do not email you surveys or issue invites to finish their surveys, so you will need to check out the account you opened on their website every day or you will miss surveys for the day.

Their rewards are given in cash plus PayPal, but the issue with short surveys is that the pay can be quite small per survey. You will need to get about $50 even before you can get anything, which is quite a number of low-paying jobs before you cash out from the site.

Some users have complained that immediately they get a bit close to their withdrawal amount, they find that the surveys dry up. A good way around the issue is to refer your friend because you will get a bonus if they sign up. You will also be able to reach your target when it is time to withdraw your funds without any further stress.

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